Kip's Movies

"Deconstructing the Superhero" mp4 (iPod, 55mb)

By Richard Van Heertum, Kip Austin Hinton, and Brian Trinh. 2007. 9 minutes.

An interview with scholar John Shelton Lawrence. Using clips from popular films, we look at the political, religious, and cultural function of the "American Monomyth."

Everyone likes superhero movies, right? Like it or not, we show how superhero myths are anti-democratic, and support the unquestioned consolidation of power. Within these myths, people are ignorant and impotent, and must depend on a benevolent white man to make decisions.

Recently, the myths show possibilities of collaboration and transgressive themes - such as a heroic black vampire in Blade, or "coming out" narratives in X-Men. Even revolution now seems possible: a popular movement in V for Vendetta actually changes the corrupt government, which traditional superheroes work so hard to preserve.

Our movie has many flaws, but we hope it does encourage critical thinking about what America's superheroes mean. I'd like to a see a more inclusive concept of heroism. Not that I think this little movie will change anything, but still. 



"The Sock Shoe Controversy" mp4 (iPod, 34mb)

The idea here was to learn how to edit. Putting together sound, narration, interviews, action, and still frames into a coherent video. This is not meaningful. It is stupid. But we hope it's funny, too..



"What's for Lunch?" mp4 (iPod) wmv (Windows)

This is a very short movie I made, starring a cat. You ever look at your cat and wonder what it is thinking? Your cat never wonders what you're thinking.

Does this movie count as media commentary? Don't know, I think I was just practicing.

Damn, that's a fine camera

Thanks. It's a JVC DV300. But it ain't mine. According to my borrower's agreement, If I lose it I have to "turn over one (1) kidney to the Instructional Media Lab." The assignment here was to figure out what the camera buttons do. Bonus points: figure out how to use a basic video editing program.